What have we done untill now

Here you can find all of our projects and activities we have done since 2005. The list of the projects will be updated regularly.

Let's debate - training seminar in Germany

Let’s debate

The principal aim of the project was to impart intercultural learning and European political education to multipliers and citizens with the involvement of the digital media.

During the project we qualified young people in new media (mostly in working in the web-TV team) and we have made media coverage of two international events: Young leaders forum in Poland and Intercultural Festival in Germany.

At the end we have organized an international conference in Brussels – We are the voice of Europe.

Intercultural Festival in MünsterIntercult

Large scale European project aiming at promoting the intercultural dialogue as a process in which the young participants can improve and develop their skills to understand and deal with the cultural European environment and society.

Project meant to raise the awareness of the importance of the active European citizenship, which respects cultural diversity and which is based on common European values.

Free Media BridgesFree Media Bridges from East to West

From 2006 till 2008 we have undertaken various actions for young people from Poland, Germany, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Azrbaijan and Georgia in the framework of this project. They were working on an international web-TV magazine Priorotaire!. Moreover they took part in training seminars, media camps and regional youth conferences during which young people had a chance to learn how to use a camera, conduct interviews and edit videos for web-TV. They created NGOTV for the youth and civil organizations.

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We are an European association of 40 organisations from 26 countries working in the field of community media and civil society. We give young people voice through digital media.

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